Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Top 5 Snacks as a 90's Kid!

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Ah... the 90's, what a terrific decade! The junk food isles were loaded with sugary snacks and candy. There also wasn't that constant blabbering about how terrible this stuff was for you and your kids. Now time to take another trip back to my past as a 90's kids and discover some of my favorite snacks throughout that beautiful decade.

Flintstones Push Up
Flintstones Push-Up
Growing up in Florida can be pretty brutal at times, especially during the summer time as a kid. Back in the 90's we still played outside with our friends so we could use all the help we could get to keep cool. Push-Ups always had my back, whether it was in the convenient store or from the ice cream truck this was my go to ice cream.

Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum
Fruit Stripe Bubble Gum
The best 5 seconds of your day was when you got a fresh stick of Fruit Strip bubble gum. This was requested often by me and my brother as we would go through the checkout isle with my parents. Though the pack never lasted long, maybe 10 min or so we would enjoy every second of every stick. Not to mention the bonus tattoos on the wrappers we would put on our tongues.

Squeezit Fruit Drink
Squeezit Fruit Drink
Remember those lovable faces you could squeeze and receive pure liquid sugar in return? Squeezit were and still are one of my all time favorite fruity beverages. The 100% fruit juice sold my parents, and the sugar sold me.

Now who doesn't love a good graham cracker? DunkAroos had the best graham crackers, and the fact they had cake frosting to dip it in was pure heaven in my eyes. Every time I got one of these little suckers in my lunchbox I lit up. Is it just me or did the 90's have the best mascots for food?

Shark Bites Fruit Snacks
Shark Bites Fruit Snack
In the 90's there was certainly no shortage in sugary fruit snacks for us kids. One of my favorite lunch box snacks were the Shark Bites by Betty Crocker. I would always save the white ones to eat last, they were the best! Thankfully these ocean dwellers are still being sold today so I can get my fix in whenever Im craving them, and now that I am adult I don't have to ask Dad for some!

Well that's it for another Top 5 post! What were some of your favorite childhood snacks? Comment below and Check back for more Top 5's as a 90's kid and bring back those childhood memories. Thanks for reading this post and taking a journey on my Nostalgic Overload!

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