Thursday, October 20, 2016

Nintendo Switch is Coming 2017!

Today we finally received official confirmation via Nintendo that their latest highly anticipated console is indeed the hybrid handheld system that was rumored. Nintendo released a three minute video that offered up more information on their latest console which will be named Nintendo Switch.

So here is how it works. While at home you can have your Nintendo Switch sit in its dock that is connected to a TV. Once removed from the dock the image will instantly transfer to the handheld screen. This will create more freedom for gamers to play the way that suits them, whether its on the move or on the couch they'll have one console to fit both needs.

Nintendo Switch Base
The Nintendo Switch Base 
The detachable controllers are called "Joy-Con" controllers. These controllers can attach directly to the system itself to make it a portable handheld or a Grip accessory to form a traditional controller while playing the console on TV. There are a variety of controller setups from single player to multiplayer.

Nintendo Switch Grip
The "Grip" Accessory

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Controller
Joy-Con Controller
No price points have been announced yet, but Nintendo did drop some big names in the developer department. This console has me excited, Im hoping that the batter life will be in the range of 5-8 hours. I have been a huge Nintendo fan since I was a child and have even owned every console released by Nintendo. What are my fellow Nerds thoughts on Nintendo's latest console?

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