Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Remember That? Disney's One Saturday Morning!

Disney's One Saturday Morning Ad

Growing up as a 90's kid Saturday mornings were always a chance to get away from it all; no school, no responsibilities, cereal on the couch, now those were the good ole days. Though there was a lot of competition on Saturday mornings cartoon wise, one block always had me tuning in. Can you hear it? That wonderful introduction to the beginning of your Saturday morning well spent?

Monday morning, wake up time,
Get to work and stand in line
What would make you feel real fine?
One Saturday Morning

Disney's One Saturday Morning Ad
Disney's One Saturday Morning features hours of cartoons centered around a show hosted by Jessica Prunnel. The show included features, comedy, and the One Saturday Morning virtual world. Some of the popular cartoons featured were Doug, Pepper Ann and one of my favorites Recess

This block of cartoons were the last ones I watched religiously. I remember watching these shows with my brother early in the morning, sometimes we would build a fort with the couch cushions and watch the show from our impenetrable fortress. After One Saturday Morning ended in 2002 Saturday morning cartoons were a thing of the past for me. Some of my favorite shows through out the 5 years One Saturday morning ran were The Weekenders, Lloyd in Space, Doug, Recess and House of Mouse. These shows no longer air on TV, but thank god the internet exists! You can now watch all the episodes on You-Tube the playlist are listed bellow.

The Weekenders
Lloyd in Space
House of Mouse

Disney's One Saturday Morning Ad
Well my fellow cartoon lovers, that's it for another post! Thanks for reading Remember That? and taking yet another time traveling journey on my Nostalgic Overload. Ill leave you with the wonderful intro theme to Disney's One Saturday Morning! If you have a request for a future post of Remember That? feel free to contact me!

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