Monday, October 26, 2015

Chewbacca #1: A new sidekick arrives

Chewbacca comic #1 Star Wars
Right off the bat you have to be thinking that a comic book with Chewbacca as one of the main characters would be hard task to accomplish. I mean he is not know to be the best conversationalist. Fortunately for us the writer Gerry Duggan and illustrator Phil Noto do a great job conveying Chewy's thoughts through his various growls, rumbles, and even his body language.

Chewbacca Comic #1

The first issue focuses mostly on introducing a new female character named Zarro, as she tries to enlist the help of Chewbacca with a major conflict on her home planet. That proves harder than she thought and the two go back and forth trying to understand each other. The comic book doesnt dig to much into Chewbacca, but i did thoroughly enjoy how Chewbacca was introduced in the opening crawl of the comic. He is spoken of as a bad ass (which he is) hero who single-handedly brought down the death star with a little help from his side kick Han Solo...

The illustrations in this comic are just as important as the story, due to Chewbaccas lack of words, Illustrator Phil Noto and Letterer Joe Caramagna had to focus alot of attention on Chewbaccas expressions (do wookies have expressions?), body movements and the lettering style of Chewbaccas dialogue. I often found myself reading Chewbaccas dialogue in his famous voice, that made for a fun read! Zarro seems to be a unique character and has an appearance that matches, she seems to be a bit out of place for me. The environments are great and what you would expect from the Star Wars universe. My favorite illustration in the first comic has to be the 2 page spread of Chewbaccas downed ship.

All in all I think this first issue was an excellent start for the mini-series, the illustrations and story were enjoyable and I look forward to delving more into this new character and learning more about Chewy. This could just be my fanboy talking here, but I give this one 4/5 stars.

 Chewbacca #1

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