Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Remember That? Projectors by Toybiz

X-men Projectors Toy Biz Marvel Comics

In January of 1994 ToyBiz released the X-Men Projectors Line.They were 8" and featured a projector in the chest to display the images on each disc with a twisting knob on the back to cycle through the images. The disc featured 12 comic book style images on them. You would insert them into the holder on front of the chest a push a button located on the back to project the images on the disc. There was also a twist lens on the front to focus the pictures.

X-men Projectors Toy Biz Marvel Comics X-men Projectors Toy Biz Marvel Comics

Ive managed to collect 5 of these projectors, 2 of them are from my own toy collection when I was a kid. These were a blast to play with, sitting in your dark room projecting the images on the ceiling was my kind of fun. The dubbed voice acting for the silent pictures by my brother and I were just an added bonus.

X-men Projectors Toy Biz Marvel Comics

 Well Kid's, thats it for another post! Though I only had two of the projectors as a kid the nostalgia I get from any of them is to the max! Thanks for reading Remember That? and taking yet another journey on my Nostalgic Overload! If you have a request for a future post of Remember That? feel free to contact me!

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