Thursday, July 31, 2014

DIY: Turn an ordinary Marvel coin bank into a work of art!

Today we are going to be transform 3 different Marvel coin bank into works of art. I purchased all three of these Marvel banks from Wal-Mart for under $15. I am not sure if they still sell them there but you can use this DIY method on pretty much anything.

Items Needed:
Marvel Banks (purchased mine from Wal-Mart) 4.99
Satin or White Krylon Fusion spray paint 3.99
Antiquing paint (can be purchased from your local hobby store) 2.47
Protective Matte Coating (can be purchased from your local hobby store) 5.99
Paper Towels (for wiping excess antiquing paint) .99

1) Paint your coin bank with the white or satin spray paint. 2-3 coats should work depending on the brand of spray paint you purchased. Let each coat dry completely before applying another one to ensure that the paint does not run.

You should come up with something that looks similar to this.

2) Once the paint has completely dried you can start applying the antiquing paint. I used a small sponge brush and a small paint brush for the hard to reach parts. Apply the antiquing paint liberaly and wipe off excess with a towel (wipe gently, you do not want to completely remove the antiquing paint).

I did half the bank at a time, that way I had something to hold onto while i finished the other side

3) Once you have completed antiquing your coin bank let completely dry and spay it with the matte coating. This will help protect your new work of art from scuffs and scratches and ensure a long happy life displayed in your nerd cave.

There you have it for less than $30 I have made 3 one of a kind Marvel coin banks with plenty of paint left to create more! An awesome gift for that one nerd friend of yours or keep if for yourself and display it with pride! Thanks for reading and check back for my next awesome Nerdy DIY project.

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